Please complete this form to participate in the entrance exam to our national curriculum.


This exam determines whether you can integrate the Prepa, the 1st or 2nd general years in 2D / 3D computer graphics or our specialization classes (Game art or 3D animation & VFX)   To register for the CONCEPT ART international course, please click on this link "CONCEPT ART"

Registration for the entrance exam is open to everyone (from 16 years old).

You can register by filling out the form below.  

The examination takes place in two stages :

1-Evaluation of your book remotely (to send us in .pdf format in the form below). This book should be a synthetic version of what you can do best to date! It must contain 10 of your best works (traditional or digital observation and / or imagination drawings).


Everything must be gathered in a .pdf document.  

See the site to create a pdf from photos, files or scan of your work).  



2-If your book is validated remotely by our assessors, we will offer you an oral interview date during which you will present your personal book (in its full version), grouping together your traditional drawings (paper format, sketchbooks, etc. ) and / or digital (usb stick, laptop, external hard drive, etc.).  


This moment of exchange will also be an opportunity to know your motivations for joining NEW3DGE. At the end of this interview we will deliberate and send you the results within 5 days.


The entrance exam is free and without obligation.  


The first dates of passage take place from November.

After filling out the form below you will receive confirmation of receipt of your request to register for the exam.


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