• Full curriculum per year :​ 7500 euros / school year

  • No entrance test nor interview fees

  • Your school year may be paid in 2, 4, or 10 monthly payments with no interest




By using a “contrat de professionnalisation”:

  • Your studies will be fully or majoritarily funded by the “Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé” (also known as an “OPCA”) to which your company of employment pays its dues.

  • The student becomes the employee (with a “CDD” or “CDI” type contract) of the company with whom he or she has signed their “contrat de professionnalisation”. The students pay is calculated on the basis of the French minimum wage (called the “SMIC”) which varies according to his or her age, level of studies, “les accords de branches”. Their salary will be situated between 55% and 80% of the SMIC.


Because New3dge is aware of the financial constraints many students may face, we have put in place an alternating class schedule, which applies to all students regardless of their type of funding. Therefore class schedules alternate between periods of 2 weeks in school, 2 weeks off school all year-round, allowing students to more easily find work to meet their financial needs.

BASIC PROFESSIONNAL CYCLE (3 year program  Preparatory year / 1st / 2nd general years                                       

  • Be at least 16 years old (no maximum age limit)

  • Possess a BAC (baccalauréat) or an equivalent (high school diploma, GED...) / or pupils having an educational background in a related to artistic techniques in drawing, architecture, visual communication, industrial design, object design… either traditional or digital

  • Participate in the competitive admissions process (entrance exam)


 SUPERIOR EXPERT CYCLE (2 year program)          

1ere / 2eme de spécialisation en Game art ou

Animation 3D & VFX

  • Possess a BTS or DUT degree (or equivalent) in the fields of art and applied art or in computer science and visual communication

  • Successfully complete the entrance exam

  • Master academic drawing techniques (observation, perspective, morphology), painting, modelling and sculpture

  • Master digital creation techniques and tools for 2D and 3D of characters and / or décors

  • Express creativity in image form (drawing, traditional or digital painting)

  • Demonstrate an artistic cultivation in reference to graphic art, paintings, and cinematography

  • Have accomplished a 2nd general year in digital creation or equivalence


You may have the possibility to obtain our diploma through the “VAE” system ("validation des acquis de l’expérience")

In-person interview: durée 20 minutes

  • Presentation of your portfolio (any format: paper book, prints, USB key, laptop computer, website...)


This test allows us to evaluate your current level and to determine which level of studies at which you should start.

This test is free of charge and free of commitments.


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